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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Life moves along

I know - I haven't been around lately. I think there have been so MANY things I want to blog about that I felt overwhelmed to even start.

So I am checking in with the world with some non-important things. I bought the "Big Girl Knits" by Jillian Moreno and Amy Singer, based on comments about its first section telling you how to change a pattern to match your own shape. It is a great book and I suggest for almost every shape. I also fell in love with the BluebelleRuana - I had never really know about ruanas and I like them so much more than a poncho.

So I decided that I would make this - but then there was the price of the suggested yarn - too pricy for me! And then I began to sketch out the pattern as there is no diagram for this pattern and i realized there was no way I would get through all that i-cord. Just not gonna happen. So I decided I would take the idea of ruana and design my own using cable patterns from the Viking Knits book from Elsebeth Lavold.

I have ordered two skeins of yarn from Knitpicks and two from Elann so I can swatch with 4 different colors and two types of yran to see what I like best. I may or may not ever finish this project but I am excited about it. It will be fun to see what I can design myself and since the ruana is basically a big rectangle with a slit in the middle I will end with little sewing.

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Julia Ann White said...

Hey I LOVE the buddha/crow picture...WOAH!!!! What a find!!!!!!!!

Yes - that would be a wonderful incorporation to put onto a NICE. I love your creativity...very nice.

OH HEY - I found my pictures...check out my blog! Hahaha..geez.