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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Latoyia Figueroa, non-white woman missing

August 20th : Update You probably know now that Latoyia Figueroa was found dead. Poor woman - just another vitim of men's foolish desire to get rid of their own children.

From South Philly:

Twenty-four-year-old Latoyia Figueroa is 5 months pregnant. She was last seen one week ago, at a doctor's appointment. Police told Action News on Monday afternoon that they have not received any tips in the case, and that Figueroa's bank cards and cell phone have not been used.

If you've seen Latoyia Figueroa- please call Philadelphia Police at 215-686-3183.

Pregnant Woman Still Missing

Philadelphia Woman Still Missing...Where Is CNN's Round The Clock Coverage?

Missing Pregnant 25 YO Mother Alert (Non-White Division)

Google Latoyia Figueroa

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Fair Day 2

Didn't have time to post yesterday morning and last night I was too exhausted to write. So here we are at Day 2, 5:08 a.m.

Not bad yesterday - although it had it's morning. I won't be unhappy never to see those Fair Queen people again, I'll say that.

The Entertainment was all great. Dan Grady and his puppets. Girl Howdy too.

We got done pretty early considering.

Anyway I have to get going so perhaps - although not likely I will write tonight. Only about 15 hours to go including clena up!

Friday, July 22, 2005


Well I am covered with dust and dirt from the field. Karen and I got the parking all lined out and then used the big tractor to put out the garbage barrels. I got to drive the BIG tractor with the front end loader for that. Which was fun but after the 5th load of barrels, the need to muscle the damned things around counteracted the fun of driving the tractor.

Anyhow I am home to shower the dirt off - my feet are black, but the polish is still looking fine! Then it is wait for Ken to get out of work and then back up to the field.

Dirty feet! Posted by Picasa

Friday Morning

9:15 am

I am off on my day - heading to the fair grounds - after I get a coffee and the NY times for the old lady.

Moe nervous that yesterday. But still OK. I think we are going to have plenty of people for the gates and to park cars - so that worry is over.

Will check back in late to update myself :)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Slightly nervous but not too bad

July 21st
9:21 am

3 days and 6 hours and 37 minutes to go.

Still feeling pretty OK. Slight knots in my stomach as I think ahead - so I am trying not to think ahead.

Have to to take the old lady up to the neurologists this afternoon so that will take my mind off things for a while. Her MRI last night was OK, although she looked so wiped out when she came out of there - She said they don't provide music up at Dartmouth like they do other places and that makes a big difference. She was really white as a sheet. But we sat a while and she recovered. The strange thing was she was walking really well! Don't know how this all works but it is strange.

I took her to dinner at Murphy's and that was good and we stopped at the bookstore and she got herself a book about Wendell Wilkie so that was good too! SO all in all it wasn't a bad evening. She needed to get out and see something different.

I am trying to see if we can get her up to the fair - maybe around the time to listen to the band. I think she will like them and it will amuse her to be up there. We'll have to play it by ear.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fair Days

Don't get me wrong - I really do love the fair - on the day of. I love getting up at 4:30 (really) and heading up to the grounds by 5:30. Stopping for coffee and ice. Driving up Highland Road on the back way to the fair and looking out across Vermont - so beautiful in the dawn light. One year I saw a mother fox and her kits playing on someone's lawn both mornings.

Being the very first one there and hearing the turkey in the petting zoo gobbling incessantly. As I set up my stuff I can hear the lower field starting to life - antique tractors being fired up. Cow lowing for their morning feed. The turkey. Trucks starting up the road to the entrance. The turkey.

And all kinds of other stuff - running around and getting things done in my inimitable style! Just being happy to be there - doing a little extra for someone like the old woman last year who had trouble walking.

And I loved having Ken with me last year - he was such a help and a great emotional support. I had the best time I have ever had last year.

All that stuff I really like. Oh well I will make the most of this year and I will not let anyone bother me. And I will not get into any "interpersonal" type problems and it will all be beautiful.

Wednesday July 20th, 2005

4 days , 5 hours and 53 minutes to go! and the fair will be done.

Deb who sits across the aisle from me at work has promised that next week when I say "Well that wasn't so bad. I think I will do the fair again next year." that she will smack me as hard as she can in the head.

I have asked for it - because otherwise I will go through this whole gut churning anxiety again - like an idiot.

Oh and look in the time it took me to type this 4 more minutes have gone by! so it's only 4 days , 5 hours and 49 minutes to go!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No Time to Blog

Just checking in to say - not time to spend on the blog lately. - Sick mother, sick dog, Ag fair this weekend and not enough volunteers. Really wanted to post pictures from a variety of things that have gone on ( good thing). But it takes longer than you think it would.

Plus work is so very busy - and the summer sales meeting is coming up with all it's inherent running around.

Anyway just letting everyone know I am alive - and yes I know that everyone is mostly me :)

Knitting wise I did finish a felted bag for the old lady and it isn't exactly what I wanted but still I think it is good for a first try. AND I finished a sock last night - only took about 5 tries to get the Japanese Short-row technique looking good on it. The heel is kind of screwy still but the toe looks great! Now all I have to do is another one.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

New babies ! and look at all the others that have pipped! Posted by Picasa