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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Slightly less crabby...

Well I am a bit better today.

I got the incubator set up last night and it looks like the thermometer that came with it is way off. I have 2 others in there that show much higher temps than it is reading. Think I will have to splurge and get a really good one.

I did not do any ( well hardly any) cleaning for the party so now I am angry with myself - but I really did feel crappy last night.

Ken came over and that cheered me up - He read to me while I knitted on the clapotis. That cheered me up more than you might imagine. Anyway I got another set of the repeat done on the clapotis and it is about 11 inches wide. I am trying to decide whether to do another repeat or not. Since I only have abut half the length of yarn that the original calls for and it is divided up into rather uneven balls. I had read a trick of weighing the amount you used for the increases so that you know how much to save for the other end. I think that might be my best bet. And of course it is going to be a bit wider when I drop the stitches. Well I will have to think on it before I go on further.

On a springy note - I see that the goldfinches are turning gold already. Seems like that happens between on day and the next. I am sure I looked at them Monday and there was no trace of yellow to be seen.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Crabby Pattie...

That's me today. Too bad because it is a nice day too. Having bad dreams - second night in a row. Anyway - maybe I will cheer up as the day goes on. and stop being a lunatic who doesn't know why she's crabby.

A real crabby patty Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Clapotis started!!

I finally finally FINALLY got the clapotis started. I used the bunnies to work myself up to knitting long term again. My friend Cathy kindly offered to straighten out the silk yarn I have had hanging around for 15 or 20 years (man does that make me sound old?). Thanks Cathy!

It is a bit of a pain in the ass because it sticks to itself like crazy and makes knots out of where it stuck to itself and then you end up cutting it because you can't even figure out how in the world the knot works. Anyway as I got about 25 or 30 rows done last night I also began to remember that the damned stuff loves to split too. And (as Cathy pointed out) whoever painted it did not let the colors go all the way through the yarn. So the original white of the silk shows thru when you split a stitch and mess up the twist.

Oh well. I am going to struggle thru anyway as there isn't enough for a top and I do like the color - black with small sections of purple and deep blue. It isn't going to make a shawl either - but if I can finish it as a scarf it will mean that I have finished some knitted piece that I can actually use in the past 10 years. (not counting quickie scarves I did before Christmas.)

Monday, March 28, 2005

Cute as a bunny

These little fellows are just cute as can be. They have gone to live with Sandy's niece and I am sure she will love them as they deserve.

I put another picture of them with Scraps on the Bunny Along Blog.

Pastel Heartsting's bunnies Posted by Hello

Poor Scraps

Created from the poorest of materials - moth eaten wool - maybe wool blend - that wouldn't felt. Oh well - he's alive now - we'll have to keep him.

Scraps before attempt at felting Posted by Hello

Easter Sunday

Here's our front yard Saturday morning. That is all snow left over from the winter - The most recent snow last week was 10 inches but all melted down to this hard packed stuff in one day.

If you look really hard you will see that the Chrsitmas wreath was still hanging beside the kitchen door. In honor of the fertility goddess Eastre I took the wreaths down and dragged the Chrsitmas tree out of the front dooryard. I realized this morning though, that I forgot to take the lights and star off the front too. If rain we are having today stops I will get that down too.

Also included a picture of Ole and the girls enjoying the freedom of good weather.

Vermont Snow at the end of March Posted by Hello

Chickens enjoying the Early Spring Sunshine Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Spring Siting

Saw my first turkey vulture of the spring. And I think I heard a redwing blackbird. So it's here all right.
Spring has sprung.

Full Moon Friday

Strange dreams about journeys as usual: my sister , brother-in-law, mother, father and Ken and I were going somewhere. I was driving at first and Ken was directing me - I had a feeling that it was Boston - but at the same time not. Then suddenly we were walking and had to go up an escalator. But Ken wanted to get a push cart to get our baggage- which for some reason was 2 flights above us. So we started up the escalator without him, And I knew we would get separated - So I looked down over the edge and as we started up the second flight of the escalator I could see him coming with the cart and yet was still worried we would get lost from each other. and then I awoke.

Saw a crow fly by in the distance and heard one cawing. But it was a morning devoid of other birds - too silent.

Going to give Sandy the 2 knitted bunnies I made as I decided that the girls are probably too old (or maybe not old enough) and too cool to really appreciate them.

Oh and my 3 day headache is still here - although somewhat better. It just raises it ugly head once in a while with a surge of pain. But it is Friday and I suppose I can make it through.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Well here we are - just wanted to throw in a first post so there is something here to look at.