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Saturday, July 08, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The old lady, who had been dong so much better lately - even getting out and gardening - fell down our front steps yesterday morning. Backwards. Onto her walking stick. Damnation.

Well it could have been worse - she did crack a vertebrae in her lower back probably right where she hit the walking stick. But she didn't break a hip, or shatter the vertebrae so badly she needs an operation.

However - this means a couple of months of pain. A couple of months of me doing more. And a couple of months of not going anywhere.

Oh well. Ken was out of vacation anyway. I will use my remaining days taking the old lady top the doctor and maybe just working around the house - which I admit is a big giagantic mess.

Crap though, you know? So rather than getting my hair cut this weekend and going down to Tangle wood to see the BSO - we're sitting home. I am going to clean and work in the garden. Oh and drink margaritas in the evening. What the hell!

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Julia Ann White said...

Atta girl.