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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Slightly less crabby...

Well I am a bit better today.

I got the incubator set up last night and it looks like the thermometer that came with it is way off. I have 2 others in there that show much higher temps than it is reading. Think I will have to splurge and get a really good one.

I did not do any ( well hardly any) cleaning for the party so now I am angry with myself - but I really did feel crappy last night.

Ken came over and that cheered me up - He read to me while I knitted on the clapotis. That cheered me up more than you might imagine. Anyway I got another set of the repeat done on the clapotis and it is about 11 inches wide. I am trying to decide whether to do another repeat or not. Since I only have abut half the length of yarn that the original calls for and it is divided up into rather uneven balls. I had read a trick of weighing the amount you used for the increases so that you know how much to save for the other end. I think that might be my best bet. And of course it is going to be a bit wider when I drop the stitches. Well I will have to think on it before I go on further.

On a springy note - I see that the goldfinches are turning gold already. Seems like that happens between on day and the next. I am sure I looked at them Monday and there was no trace of yellow to be seen.

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