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Friday, March 25, 2005

Full Moon Friday

Strange dreams about journeys as usual: my sister , brother-in-law, mother, father and Ken and I were going somewhere. I was driving at first and Ken was directing me - I had a feeling that it was Boston - but at the same time not. Then suddenly we were walking and had to go up an escalator. But Ken wanted to get a push cart to get our baggage- which for some reason was 2 flights above us. So we started up the escalator without him, And I knew we would get separated - So I looked down over the edge and as we started up the second flight of the escalator I could see him coming with the cart and yet was still worried we would get lost from each other. and then I awoke.

Saw a crow fly by in the distance and heard one cawing. But it was a morning devoid of other birds - too silent.

Going to give Sandy the 2 knitted bunnies I made as I decided that the girls are probably too old (or maybe not old enough) and too cool to really appreciate them.

Oh and my 3 day headache is still here - although somewhat better. It just raises it ugly head once in a while with a surge of pain. But it is Friday and I suppose I can make it through.

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