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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Excitement -Part 2

So we managed to get some sleep for a few hours Sunday morning. It didn't help that it was change of daylight savings time to boot. Late morning we arranged to take Ken's mother into the hospital to visit his father and see what was going on. While I was outside moving my car etc the neighbors came over to see how everything was and so Ken and I got into conversation with them. In the meanwhile his mother was getting ready and finally came out saying she was ready to go. Ken said - but wait! I need some of my stuff from inside at which point his mother realized she had left her pocketbook inside and we were locked out.

OK - in retrospect it makes for an amusing tale - but not at the time. I trotted around the house behind Ken as he paced rapidly from door to window to door looking for a way in. It was determined that one of the windows in reach was open and Ken began to step on the outside water spigot. I mentioned sweetly that he was perhaps a little too heavy to stand on that. Luckily there were some large shrubs right there - nice old rhododendrons that could support me. So up I went and into the house. I have a nice line of bruises across my right leg as that took most of my weight as I balanced on the window sill. It's been a long time since I entered a house that way. Made me nostalgic for the good old days when my mother would forget and lock the back door. Of course I didn't have a crazy dog trying to bite me as I contorted myself to get a foot on the floor. Poor old Tippy was always more intent on biting people than on recognizing those he shouldn't bite.

After that adventure we headed into the hospital where we found that Ken's father had heart problems which is probably what made him pass out and fall down the stairs. He has been having heart pains for a year and didn't tell anyone! Luckily the cardiologist came in while we were there and we got the whole scoop. - Probably athrosclerosis; might need angioplasty or might need a heart bypass.

Well we found out last night that it is a bypass and so Ken has headed back down to MA as the operation is tomorrow. He plans to stay through tomorrow then come back here and head back to MA over the weekend so as to portion out his remaining days off for the year.

Oh these old people!

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