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Monday, April 03, 2006


I managed to send a few pictures to the blog (below) from my phone Saturday night. For some reason after NOT being able to make it work - it now finally posts them - but posts them in duplicate. Most that I sent posted double but one posted triple. Don't know what is up with that .

Saturday Ken got back home about 1:30 and went to rest for a while as we didn't need to head back down to MA until about 5. I took a nap too - which managed to make me all groggy, but once we hit the road my head began to clear. We made such good time that we ended up in Worcester just after 7 and had time to waste. So we got me a sandwich at D'Angelos and walked down Highland Street.

Got to Vincent's about 8 pm and that was still a bit early. So I started with a margarita and admired the decor. Lots of cool pictures - many old panoramic photos of Worcester. There are also lots of stuffed animals - some of which I had trouble identifying.

About 7 :15 or so George and Ernie arrived with Scott and Maro following shortly after. Maro and I had a good time talking - she loves Lush too. And she says that Scott likes it too - and will willingly go into the store with her!

The show was great - Ken was nervous but everything went really well. George had brought his family and I was amused for a while by his brother's girl friend - she was a pisser. Told me quite a few times that she was Portuguese - well yeah - I had kind of picked that up right away! She was amusing and I was sorry that they left early.

The time flew by and I was surprised when 1 a.m. rolled around. The guys packed up and we were off.

Unfortunately when we got back to Ken's house his mother had left a note that his father had fallen down the cellar stairs earlier in the evening and was in the hospital. That ended the night on a somber note. To be continued.

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