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Friday, August 11, 2006


Have you seen this crazy flower at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden? They even have a Corpse Flower webcam . This is one of those thing like whale sharks and the cave of Lascaux that make me just love this world. People wake up - how can you NOT want to protect and save this world with things like that in it?

Went to see Talladega Nights last night with the old lady. Sorry - I thought it was distinctly un-funny. Not because of the subject matter surprisingly - but because I feel like they missed the mark with almost every joke. There was potential there and they blew it. I think they didn't go far enough to the satirical side and so some of the lines came out too straight. Too bad as the old lady really want to laugh I think. We did see a preview for Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller that looks awesome.

There are a bunch of things bothering me lately about the world but I am going to refrain from mentioning them here and now.

So instead I am planning to go to the Brattleboro Farmer's Market - one of my all time favorite places that I have not been to yet this summer. They have all kinds of good food - a woman from Mali makes this really good chicken and rice and serves it with a wicked hot sauce! Or maybe some nice Thai noodles. who knows!

Oh and Ken reminded me that this weekend is the Springfield Moonlight Madness so we will probably be stopping over there to look around this evening.

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