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Friday, August 18, 2006

2.5 Years

Ken Mosaic
Originally uploaded by Storm.

On Monday Ken and I will have been going out for 2.5 years and so in honor of the 2.5 anniversary I thought I would pick out 10 things I love about Ken for the occasion.

10) Ken is almost always happy - he so rarely has a "bad day".
9) When I first started going out with him I thought he was very cool - and I still do.
8) He gets me to do things I never would have done on my own - like ride a roller coaster or go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
7) He is in touch with his feminine side - it makes him a wonderful and true companion - not just a lover but also a real friend.
6) He can laugh at himself but has a good sense of self-worth.
5) He gets along with my mother - One of the things that made me love him was that he came over and played Crazy Eights with me and the old lady. You are NOT going to find a man like that every day.
4) He reads a lot!
3) He enjoys my bitchiness and helps me through my bad days.
2) Enthusiasm! He makes everything better - a movie, a dinner out, a walk, being lazy, exercising - anything is better with Ken there. Remember Ac'cent the flavor enhancer? That's Ken - he makes everything more flavorful.
1) He sees many things about me as I see myself and that is so unbelievably rare - that each time he says something that shows me that he really does understand how I think and feel - I am astonished.

On top of it all he is also unbelievably cute - How can you resist him? I said when we first started going out it was like finding a rare jewel that had been thrown out by someone who did not value it. I will never make that mistake.

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