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Friday, October 06, 2006

Old and grey and full of sleep

So very tired
Originally uploaded by Storm.
But Saturday she stopped eating - and all she was doing since then is sleep. She didn't seem to have any acute pain - but something was not right. So we have decided to put her to sleep last evening It was a hard decision but I think my responsibility was to make sure she is not suffering and although she wasn't in terrible pain you could tell something was wrong.

I am happy that she got to have a little of a normal autumn - her favorite time of year. Even though she wasn't an "outdoor dog" and preferred the comfort of the indoors - she did love the fall and she had a few pretty good walks through the fields. Even got a little silly now and then and tried to hucklebutt even though her old legs really couldn't take it any more.

The house was very quiet this morning - no one to talk to while I made my breakfast and no one to make breakfast for. The old lady will be very lonely during the day without her companion.

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Julia Ann White said...

Oh I am so so so SORRY for the loss of your baby. I'll send her a special prayer..and you too of course. Her earthly life was one of intense were the best human for her...I WISH YOU PEACE DURING and after your grief...HANG IN THERE MY FRIEND.

Love Julia