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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fair Days

Don't get me wrong - I really do love the fair - on the day of. I love getting up at 4:30 (really) and heading up to the grounds by 5:30. Stopping for coffee and ice. Driving up Highland Road on the back way to the fair and looking out across Vermont - so beautiful in the dawn light. One year I saw a mother fox and her kits playing on someone's lawn both mornings.

Being the very first one there and hearing the turkey in the petting zoo gobbling incessantly. As I set up my stuff I can hear the lower field starting to life - antique tractors being fired up. Cow lowing for their morning feed. The turkey. Trucks starting up the road to the entrance. The turkey.

And all kinds of other stuff - running around and getting things done in my inimitable style! Just being happy to be there - doing a little extra for someone like the old woman last year who had trouble walking.

And I loved having Ken with me last year - he was such a help and a great emotional support. I had the best time I have ever had last year.

All that stuff I really like. Oh well I will make the most of this year and I will not let anyone bother me. And I will not get into any "interpersonal" type problems and it will all be beautiful.

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