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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No Time to Blog

Just checking in to say - not time to spend on the blog lately. - Sick mother, sick dog, Ag fair this weekend and not enough volunteers. Really wanted to post pictures from a variety of things that have gone on ( good thing). But it takes longer than you think it would.

Plus work is so very busy - and the summer sales meeting is coming up with all it's inherent running around.

Anyway just letting everyone know I am alive - and yes I know that everyone is mostly me :)

Knitting wise I did finish a felted bag for the old lady and it isn't exactly what I wanted but still I think it is good for a first try. AND I finished a sock last night - only took about 5 tries to get the Japanese Short-row technique looking good on it. The heel is kind of screwy still but the toe looks great! Now all I have to do is another one.

1 comment:

I'm Boer'd said...

I'd like a pair of socks, but you're too busy making them for "him"