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Friday, January 13, 2006

A change in the air

As I drove home yesterday I felt there was something different, some nimbus surrounding the evening. I was almost home when it struck me - there was still a light in the sky - it was 5:30 and it was not pitch black. Oh hallelujah, the songs and parties and general joyous noise-making have worked! We have driven the dark away and beckoned the sun back to the northlands. Couple that with the strange strange "January thaw" we are having and it feels like spring.

But don't get too happy because there is also the feeling creeping in from the back that this is not right - that we will pay somehow. Will we be hit with crippling cold? Will the maple trees suffer for this warmth? Who knows?

Took the old lady down to Boston on Wednesday - after a long wait and a semi-nuclear meltdown the neurosurgeon arrived and told us he wanted to wait another month and take another CT scan before deciding whether to do an operation or not. This perked the old lady up immensely, although it took her a while to bounce back. She dwells on things so much and always tries to imagine the worst possible outcome so she is "prepared" but all this really does is freak her out.

We have a follow-up with the neurologist who prescribed the Topamax against seizures/migraines next Tuesday. As the Neuro Nurse asked me Wednesday – “Do you still have a job?” Well yes I do – but I keep waiting to see if there will be repercussions for having to be out about once a week for all this stuff. I don’t think so – but I do feel guilty and somewhat nervous about it.

I took some pictures with my new cell phone on the way down and back, which actually helped me get through the day as I kept looking for interesting pictures that would chronicle my day. Here's my favorite, the Blanchard's "bottled" liquors store in Allston:

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