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Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Personal Day

Yesterday I took myself off by myself on a "Kari Day". Ken had his son and a friend over; the weather was crappy - raining cats and dogs so the old lady didn't want to take a ride. A while ago I saw an ad on TV for Hodgepodge Handicrafts in Newport, NH. Although I got the impression that the store was just a small corner in a furniture store - they did mention they have Noro yarns so I wanted to check them out.

I wasn't expecting much - but took off up Route 91 in the fog. It did rain hard enough that I thought perhaps I should turn around at one point. And then the rivers in NH are up near flood stage again. But on I went.

I tracked the store down on a side road in Newport that looked mostly residential. The building itself looks like an old slightly dilapidated country store. I walked in the front door and saw the entry room was filled with locally spun and dyed yarns. And lots of it. Perfect stuff for felting and lots of undyed amounts too if you are into dying.

I pocked around there a bit still not knowing what was in store. (Get it "in store"?) When I entered the main part of the store I was immediately overwhelmed by color - Noro, Cherry Tree Hill, Elsebeth Lavold, Dale, you name it.

I spent a good hour and a half. I have to admit I don’t like Noro Yarns as much as I thought I would from hearing the hoopla about it. The colors are nice – but the yarn itself didn’t call to me.

I ended up buying some Elizabeth Austen Andes wool from Chile. It is a nice hand dyed yarn in color #05 “olive/Dijon” (or “Forest Moss” depending upon where you look) that actually reminded me of VT. It is a worsted weight and lovely and very very soft. I am going to make the Kiri Shawl by Polly Outhwaite for the old lady. I already cast on last night and have gotten 20 or so rows into it. I realize now I should have gotten more that 3 skeins, but I can go back next weekend and get some more.

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So if anyone is in the Newport area – I highly recommend Hodgepodge Handicrafts on Belknap Avenue. It’s worth the trip.

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