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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Getting there - Kiri Shawl

I am making much better progress now for some reason. It took me an entire week to get through the first skein and I managed to do 39 motif repeats. I started the second skein on Sunday and am already at the end with a total of 90 motif repeats. The yardage is obviously greater on the second. I think also that turning at the end of a row takes more time than you think. Or perhaps I tend to take breaks in between and so took more breaks on the shorter rows.

Anyway this is already about 60 inches wide and 28 inches deep. I went to the trouble to buy a fourth skein and now I don't think I will need it. Perhaps I will use it for a hat. I didn't make any progress tonight as it took a while to place all the stitches on waste yarn and then once measured to put them back on the needles. I am very pleased with how it looks. Posted by Picasa

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