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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Blizzard of Aught-Six

Sounds old-timey, doesn't it?

We're getting a little snow here so far- looks like it started around 6 or 6:30 this morning and we have a bit over an inch at 8:30. It is a very fine snow and falling steadily.

According to the news - they have heavy snow and freezing fog down in the Worcester area- I don't expect to see Ken until tomorrow. And I bet my friends S and B who went to Connecticut for the weekend will be there till at least Monday too.

There is also a chance of thunder snows in the lower NE areas. And the weather service says " AT THIS TIME...A WIDESPREAD SWATH OF 8 TO 14 INCHES APPEARS
LIKELY WITH EMBEDDED HIGHER AMOUNTS WHERE THUNDER ENHANCES SNOWFALL RATES." Hmm - why does thunder enhance snowfall rates? I shall have to look that one up.

Plans for the day #1 not kill the old lady. I don't know if it is the Topamax or what but she is so fixated on things lately and talks about them incessantly. She's worried about the yellow-bellied sap sucker that was in our area last summer. Has convinced herself that he has died in the hurricane down south. Is all crazy about some old books of my father's. First wanted me to go find them and has now over night come to the conclusion that we never had those books - that her failing memory is playing tricks on her. I am taking this as a reverse psychology move on me to make me go find the damned books to prove her wrong. HA! Not going to work, Old lady! I am not poking through that freezing attic. Those are just 2 of her latest obsessions. There are more - but I won't bore you with them. Most involve having me do something - like search for those damned books. ** and I haven't even recorded the hysteria ( yes I don't think hysteria is too strong a word) of Friday night when she couldn't get hold of me on my cell phone for 25 minutes - during which time I was driving home from Springfield.

#2 Try and finish that Kiri Shawl.

#3 Now that I unraveled that old dress I had - I also have a 3/4 finished sweater to unravel. It was from a Perry Ellis design from Vogue Knitting - oh probably 12 years ago. I LOVED that sweater - but heaven knows what I did with the pattern and now that I am not so skinny as I used to be I can see that it will be too short, especially in the front if you know what I mean. So no matter what, I will have to frog it. Perhaps if I find the pattern and it looks up to date enough I might try it again. I was telling someone a while ago about these almost finished projects that wouldn't fit me and whoever it was said - well why you don’t finish them as is and give them away. GIVE THEM AWAY!?! No one would ever understand the effort put into them and there are a few hundred dollars worth of yarn in there and hundreds of dollars worth of labor. I may make little presents for people - but I'm not giving away something big like that. That's right - I am selfish!

#4 Through all of the above - watch the Olympics.

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