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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday's almost gone

Well I was supposed to go the Worcester with Ken today. But since the weather is supposed to be so bad down there and because the old lady is totally having melt-downs about me being away I decided to stay home. So Ken is down having fun at the Lucky Dog AM 70's Show tonight and here I am with the old lady. I am definately going with him when he and his trio play in Cambridge in March though. I am hoping that I can find some one to stay with her then. Going to start asking around now to make sure I am covered. Maybe I can find someone through the visiting nurse association.

I decided that there was no way I could join the Knitting Olympics as I KNOW I will not finish something by the closing ceremonies. Howver I am trying to do knitting-type things. Besides working on the Kiri Shawl (almost done - just about ready to start the edging), I also took care of the below - frogged an almost-done DRESS from years ago and am working on getting it ready to be made into something I will actually wear. Here's the yarn dripping over the kitchen sink. It's Coco from Reynolds - 50% wool , 50% rayon, 136 yards and I have (I think) 10 skeins. More than enough for a couple of tops. I might try to start Picovoli with it.

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