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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kiri is done! and the hat!

Yea! I am going to wait to post a picture until after I block it. Was going to get right to that but decided that I have nowhere near enough pins and maybe I should get some blocking wires. Also I think I am going to either have to use my bed to block it or push two of the twin beds together – It is big. I did not complete the last 2 rows of the edging because I go nervous about having enough yearn to bind off and I was not going to spend another $9 just to bind off. I think I made the right choice – I may have just made it by completing the last 2 rows but probably not and then I would have been really ticked off.

Now I think I will take a break and have an ice cram soda and then maybe work on the VT hat I should complete for my friend’s son with the VT National Guard in Iraq. By the time I get it done summer will be back in the desert and he won’t be able to wear it.

9:25 pm have finished the hat for my friend's son. Will post a picture when it is done blocking. The shape of VT came out a little screwy because of the decreases at the top. I should have either made it smaller -shorter or compensated for the decreases. Well - it is a very soft wool and the hate is comfortable - so that is the main point.

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