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Monday, August 22, 2005

Bird FLu

I admit it - I started this blog as a way to keep track of my knitting and daily life. Well (I say along with you) HA! What knitting - what daily life. I don't know - everything happens to me so quickly that by the time I am ready to write something the event I want to write about is weeks over - I mean look - I never finished my post on the fair even though I have been thinking about it - and suddenly we are 4 weeks away from the fair and it seems ridiculous now to even bother. And knitting - what knitting? I can't even finish the one pair of socks I started as a test case - just to see how this pattern came out and what my guage was like. I am pathetic.

On the other hand I am trying to use my little corner of the Internets to pass on things I think are important and this is a case in point --
The Bird Flu. There is a fine line between preparedness and paranoia - and I think that this line when it comes to the Bird Flu is far off from what most of us are doing and thinking.

So I encourage everyone to check out the FluWiki and seriously start thinking about those people in your family at risk. The old, the young, the infirm. Those of us who have jobs that take us into contact with many people.

While the Health headlines in the US seem to be focusing on Stem Cells and drug company news take a look at what is going on in the rest of the world:

Germany acts to prevent spread of bird flu

GPs to get drill for bird flu pandemic (UK)

Stockpiling of drug urged in fight against bird flu (Asia)

Good heavens! The Bahama Journal has a huge two part series about Bird Flu- The Next Pandemic

Anyway - if you happen by - take a look at the FLuWiki - think about how your community is going to be able to handle an outbreak and do what you can to bring this subject to a more prominent position.

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