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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More Bird Flu

There are a couple of reasons I am interested in the Bird Flu - one is that I have an elderly mother who I would really not like ot see die of something that should be preventable or lessened by proper planning. The second reason is that I raise chickens for fun - I was actually thinking about the fact that maybe I will need to have them put down. So I started to look at what prevention methods other countries are taking and I saw that Germany or Holland (sorry lost the article now) was requiring all chickens be kept indoors to cut down on the risk of infection from sick wild birds.

So I started to look and see if there are any drugs for chickens that might be given ahead of time to protect a flock and I found this: Bird Flu Drug Rendered Useless, Chinese Chickens Given Medication Made for Humans That's right - "China's use of the drug amantadine, which violated international livestock guidelines, was widespread years before China acknowledged any infection of its poultry, according to pharmaceutical company executives and veterinarians." So " International researchers now conclude that this is why the drug will no longer protect people in case of a worldwide bird flu epidemic."
Excellent eh?

This means more than ever prevention is necessary. So people, if you stumble by here take the threat seriously and get ready. I am.

and lest you think I am a nut go and read this Bird flu: we're all going to die

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