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Monday, August 29, 2005

Strange dreams

I had a dream last night that my sister was insistent about having a baby and that the reason she hadn't was infertility - so in order to have one she had become Born Again so that god would make her fertile and was trying to convert me too. At the same time she had also started to smoke Crack and was trying to make me do it too. She passed me a pipe and I was trying to throw it away when I woke up. Pretty strange, eh?

In reality though - she is a Step-Grandmother : wha ha ha! Old lady.


I'm Boer'd said...

If this was just some strange tactic to try to get me to comment on your blog, well then, it worked.

But if you truly had this weird dream, you are even stranger than I ever thought.

I'm so glad that I'm the normal sister.

kstorm said...

NO - I really dreamed this - right before I woke up this morning. It was very strange because I remember thinking "Born again Christians smoke crack?! What do you know!"

miguel said...

put more funny stuff because I like
it also my brother threw a flute at me