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Monday, August 15, 2005

Sweet Email

Look what my little sugar pie emailed me this morning:
I had a great weekend, it was relaxing and interesting too
Cleaning things is always fun
A nice lunch out w/drive
2 Dead Like Me episodes
Steak dinner w/ potato salad
Leftover pizza from Rick’s
Napping w/you too
Even channel surfing on the couch

Thanks baby…you are the best

It was a lovely quiet weekend!

I accomplished three out of my five self assigned tasks:
*Clean Kitchen to make it easy for new florr to be installed - DONE!
* Buy stuff for the old lady's orchids and plant the orchid cactus cuttings we got at the Spiral Shop - DONE!
*Build a Fire Pit - DONE! (pictures to follow)
*Pick out pictures of me, poopyface and the old lady to have printed - not done
*Pull together and organize all my Fair stuff to make it easy to pass along - not done


I'm Boer'd said...

I haven't picked a picture yet either. Makes me feel SO much better knowing that my "perfect" sister hasn't done it too!

kstorm said...

I am pretty damned perfect aren't I?