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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

back and forth and down and up

So I have been back and forth to Boston. I picked up the old lady after her hydrocephalus operation. I fly like a jet down there - arrived at 3:20 and guess what time we left Boston? 6:20. 3 goddamn hours later. So many many reasons why that I cannot mention.

Oh well - long drive home with the old lady doing her "stream of consciousness" chatter on and off. But we made it home.

Now I have eaten 4 White Castle cheeseburger ( frozen of course – we don’t have White Castle here) and drunk a half bottle of wine and am slightly drunk on that and the rumor that Cheney may be indicted – Oh lord that gives me joy. Schadenfreude isn’t even a long enough word for it. Shall I buy a bottle of champagne – why not!?!

Anyway I think it is time to haul myself up stairs and hope that I wake up if the old lady calls. Going to take most (if not all of the day off tomorrow) – got nurse and physical therapists coming – and OH NO she has awoken and now is talking again. I better go to bed.

11:26 pm - ok so now she is talking about what kind of oatmeal she wants tomorrow- "get that instant oatmeal out for me . I want the apple kind" and asking me to put a banana out on the counter - like she is going to be up and trotting around tomorrow morning all by herself! So I get that settled and am just sitting here waiting for my tea water to boil and she says - "What's this piece of music playing on the radio - it sounds like something old fashioned." So I had to go and threaten her to make her be quiet and go to sleep! lord!

11:35 - have I said? - it's a good thing I am patient and good humored!

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