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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Workin' on a Sunday

Well - much as I hate going into work on a weekend I have to admit - I get way way WAY more done than I do in a week. I got caught up on a number of projects; including reading up on upgrading SalesLogix - well really for us it would be like a new install since we'll be jumping 3 versions. The more I read the better version 6.2 sounds.

I also managed to clean up a bunch of drives, cleaned up files and zipped them for archiving. Pulled and organized the emails for tomorrow's mailings. OH and did some research on getting the email from SLX to work with Outlook 2003. I found that not only does SLX have a problem on SOME of the new machines - but Word 2003 does also. And although I found a fix - it only holds for that computer session - as soon as you reboot - you are back to square one. I am going to pass that along to the computer hardware guys and let them delve into it with Dell.

So even though I missed my Kenny VERY VERY much (you may all stop making the gagging sounds now) - his absence did allow me to work an entire 8 hours today. Plus I managed to finish almost all of his first sock yesterday. – pictures to follow once both socks are done.

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