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Friday, October 21, 2005

What did the old lady do today?

Well - it all started out so nicely. She slept well last night although I didn't ( I made the mistake of giving Tulip the left over oatmeal from the old lady at dinner time - so yes about 5 hours later she has to go out and poop. So I was awake from about 1 till sometime after 3. When she came up stairs I said to her - if it's not one of you ruining my sleep it's the other).

Anyway the old lady slept well and had a pretty good morning . I talked to her at 10:30 and she sounded good - pretty chipper in fact. Nurse was coming in the afternoon - PT was also coming. Life was good.

Then about 11:30 one of the women in the office comes over and says - Call your house - Deb is at home and heard them mention your house on the scanner. Oh here we go I thought. So I call and here's the poop. Lifeline called to have her test the button. And she wasn't going to until I came home - but then decided - why not? And so she pushes the button while she is 2 rooms away from the base - and with a door closed between her and the base. So of course they can't hear her - even though she yelled. and by the time she got to the thing it was too late. The call went out - the EMTs came as well as the fire chief. And then when she gets rid of them Lifeline called twice more . And then the PT had heard the scanner and told the visiting nurse who was in town so she came over.

So all in all the old thing is now all worn out. But not worn out enough to stop asking for things! And the nurse and the PT are still coming later in the afternoon. Oh well - that's what happens when you are old and crazy.

Oh and because Tulip pooped in the middle of the night she did not poop at lunch time which probably means she is now on a totally different poop schedule and I certainly am not going to put up with getting up to let her out in the wee hours. Bad dog.

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