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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Quiet Joy

On the way home from Boston today I saw a double rainbow. It was, of course, in Vermont and led straight home. I wish I had my camera with me to take a picture - but honestly with the headache I had I probably wouldn't have stopped.

I also passed a turtle on his back in the middle of the road near the Vt Country Store. He was being jostled by the wind of passing cars. I turned around and went back and he was alive. I walked him down to the pond and let him go and told him he was both mighty stupid and mighty lucky. He was important enough to stop for.

I have taken a nap now and also some sinus medication and my headache is somewhat under control - so I am heading to the Stone Hearth Inn to watch Ken play.

1 comment:

I'm Boer'd said...

I'm glad you saved the turtle. I do it too whenever I see them, but in "turtle season" it often makes me late for work.

In the spring all the darn box turtles decide it's time to live on the other side of the road. I sometimes see 4 or 5 of them with just one trip into town.