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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Day two of life

The chick is doing well but I feel bad that he or she is all alone. Also since I want to keep her as far away from infection of Marek's as possible I have it set up in the basement. So there is just so much time I can spend with her down there. I think I will pick up a mirror today to make her feel a little less lonely. And maybe if I do an extra good cleaning I can move her up to the living room?

Checked the mail today and no damned vacinne came. I hate to speak badly of people with a small family business but I think that Tolbert's Supply is not someone I will ever use again. I am going to order from another company and hope that a vacinnation at 7 or 8 days old is going to help.

Anyhow - I have to get going - over slept and now have to run to get to Karen's to help with her yard sale.

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