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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Workin' Hard? Or Hardly Workin'?

Last night I worked till 7:15 - the whole last hour I struggled to figure out why year to date sales on a report were lower than when I ran the report Monday - Suddenly realized it was because someone had asked me to reimport ECommerce data and certain fields don't get updated till a process runs over night - so that was a wasted effort and made me all crazy to boot. Once I figured out the problem I got out of there. Of course I wanted to work late anyway so that I only have to work 4 hours on Friday.

Anyway - decide on the way home that the evening was too nice not to do something Vermonty - so I packed the old lady and the old dog up and drove them out on Cambridgeport Road that runs from Rockingham to the road between Grafton and Saxton's River. There is a little piece of state land out there - the Dorland State Forest - although you can't find it listed anywhere - and I got the two of them out of the car and we took a little walk up the dirt road. Wore the two of them out and then we continued on to Route 35 and then up through Grafton and home. Saw one doe cross the road in front of us and that was the most exciting thing that happened - but it was a lovely evening and nice to take a ride.

Now I am back at work and pluggin along through a bunch of stuff. Although the day started out a bit noisy they children have all quieted down. I don't think I have heard any of those secret whispered conversations today which drive me so INSANE! Of course now that I mention it we will probably have one.

OH! and the little chick was so cute last night - I took him (?) out and put him on a towel on my bed while I read before going to sleep and he snuggledd right up - I put a fold of the towel over him and he was as happy as can be. I felt bad having to put him back in his box after that. I need to get pictures of him as he changes hourly - the wing and tail feathers grow so fast you can almost see it.

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