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Saturday, June 18, 2005

This is a CHICKEN house!

My poor long suffering grandmother when she came to live with us long long ago was wont to say "This is a DOG house!" whenever the dogs made a particular mess and no one else seemed to care.

So I can only imagine how she would feel about a chicken in the bedroom!

But here she is - I felt bad having her in the basement and I want her as far from possible Marek's disease contamination as possible - which leaves the upstairs. And that leaves the guest room as the place with the most room for it. Oh - and that is Lawrence Welk on the TV in the background - just to keep her company when I am not there.

Chicken in the bedroom Posted by Hello

In other events I got enough done on the hopefully soon to be felted bag for my mother's birthday. It is larger than I meant but I refuse to go back far enough to change it. It will say "The Old Lady" in a script font when I am done (hopefully you'll be able to read it).

The bag Posted by Hello

Hopefully when it felts it will shrink more than my test swatch which I think came out pretty well. I like how the colors are much more muted when felted.

The swatch Posted by Hello

1 comment:

I'm Boer'd said...

I suppose I'll be sleeping with the chick when I arrive???

Actually, I won't mind that, but I'm definately changing the channel on the TV! I WILL NOT listen to Lawrence Welk!

And I like the bag. I agree... the muted colors look nice.