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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Well that was an action packed weekend. Picked the sister up at Manchester airport and brought her home to surprise the Old Lady for the birthday. Worked out really well.

Worked half a day Friday. Went out to dinner at the Garden Cafe Friday night so Ken could come along. Pictures on Saturday morning( once we hooked up with the photographer). All the while it was too too hot.

Sunday - what did we do - can't even remember the day - but Ken made dinner and Liv made a WONDERFUL cake with strawberry jello and whipped cream etc. Gave the old lady her presents. Then went down and swam in the river - very lovely.

I worked yesterday and afterwards we flew up to the Killarney for a margarita (or two if you were someone with an obvious drinking problem). This morning I did everything I put off for the rest of the days - felted the bag for the Old Lady. Had Liv assist me in giving the chick his/her Marek's shot and opened up that damn chicken with the bulgie crop again. THEN drove Liv to the airport and came home.

I should be cleaning up and getting ready for work tomorrow but I just don't feel like it. I should reknit the bottom edge of the W top that I frogged as it was too damned big once I was it - but I am not.

Still haven't heard if Liv is home yet - she is going to be tired and cranky.

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