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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


OK - I admit I am a bit of an anti-Consumer police person. NO! do not buy at Wal-mart! And you all know the Gap is evil too, right?

But here's some interesting facts - Urban Outfitter, Anthropologie and Free People are owned by the same company. And their president Richard Hayne is a big supporter of... wait for it... Sen Rick Santorum (ruff ruff).

And how about Chipotle, which seems so wholesome and good? Owned by McDonalds!

As the Common Dreams article says
"Rather than avoid every company on a list put out by a boycotting campaign, consumers should decide for themselves what their values are and which companies they do and do not wish to support. The trouble is, it's harder than it should be to find and keep track of the information it takes to make these decisions -- which is why consumers, even those who strive to shop ethically, find it so difficult to do so."

We can only do our best to decide which evil is the least evil. And perhaps join the Church of Stop Shopping and follow the Reverend Billy. Or at least use our influence on these companies to try their bext to be socially responsible,

Remember just because it's cheap or chic doesn't mean that it isn't hurting someone.


Julia Ann White said...

Socially Responsible..that caught my eye...I can appreciate your energy and passion(s) just from what I have read from a few of your posts! Hi, my name is Julia and I just started my Blog and Blogging experience for that matter! I think it is totally COOL about your fondness of crows too...excellent.

kstorm said...

Thanks Julia! Welcome to blogging. I don't do as much as I want to - seems like days go by before I have time t oactually sit down and type.