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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time Flies

Where has the week gone? And yes I know it's Thursday but I keep feeling like it's Friday. A combination of the nice weather (finally) and the fact that Ken is off to MA this evening.

We've had a couple of weeks of ups and downs and ups. I end with up because I think we are on an up swing. After getting the old lady totally off Topamax - and sometime I will come back to this and document the craziness of that drug - we also got appointments back down in Boston. So April 7th we are back to Brigham and Women's to see - a cardiologist, a dermatologist and a Behavioral Neurologist. It's gonna be a full day let me tell you! Also started her with a new new primary care doctor up here at Grace Cottage. I am a little disappointed that he hasn't answered her call about her swollen feet/ankles though. AND I got her down to Bratt to see a ophtamologist. SO you can see why sometimes I simply freak out about the sheer amount of time I am spending away from work and taking her to doctors. OH and I didn't mention that she also had a CT scan the week before last at Dartmouth (half a day off) and I have to take her to an ENT tomorrow and leave work early again?

Anyhow as I mentioned last Friday Ken and his son and I went to see V for Vendetta. We had dinner out first at the Eagle Tavern in Newport NH. That was fun - B and I got to make fun of Ken together. B also got to make fun of me and I got to be all sarcastic - which I think he likes. Between that and the movie things went really really well. I do like the kid. He has a good sense of humor, he is dry and sarcastic, and yes kind of geeky. But underneath you can see that he is really a good kid and thinks a lot about what is going on. I think it was the most relaxed with him that I have been. And the most relaxed he has been around me.

Unfortunatly some other stuff happened that weekend so it wasn't a total sucess. But I think we are all coming out of that funk.

Ken and Cold Duck are performing at Vincent’s on Suffolk Street in Worcester this Saturday night. He's got a mention in Charlene Arsenault's column in the Worcester Magazine. (Thanks Charlene!) He has already headed down to MA so he can get a little practice in before the gig. He is coming back to get me Saturday morning ( as his car is in the shop and he's got mine). I wish I could have gone down tonight with him. But between the old lady and work it wasn't possible.

The one thing that sucks (and this is really bothering me) is that the weather this week has been GREAT but guess what? That's right - rain again on SAaturday. What the hell is going on? Last Saturday I was so happy to wake up and see the sun that I went right out early and raked the front garden, but as I went alog it got cloudier and cloudier and colder and colder. From Saturday noon on it was awful That flat cold depressing sky. I don't want another weekend like that.

What else has been going on? Oh I know - I have been trying to get my taxes together and done. I use Turbo Tax which I love, but the old lady doesn't trust me to do hers. Like H and R Block is going to be better. Hey - I have seen what they do now - exactly what I do with Turbo Tax. I am going to work on her to let me do them. Why pay H&R $200 when I can do just as good a job? Anyway that brings me to my shocking discovery of the day....

I stopped at the bank to get papers out of the safty deposit box so that I can at least pull all the old lady's tax papers together. While looking through them to find everything I needed I found Tulip's papers. Now all these years for some reason it stuck in my head that she was born in April, but guess what - her birthday is March 16th! The poor old thing is already 14 years old! And we didn't have a party. I feel awful. So here's to you Mrs. Schnoodleheimer - Happy Birthday.

Sleepy Tulip
Originally uploaded by Storm.

Originally uploaded by Storm.

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