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Friday, March 31, 2006

Pretty good Friday

Possible new glasses
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There is nothing in the world like a sunny day! It makes me feel so good. And today it got up over 70 degrees! Crazy huh?

Anyway I took the old lady to an ENT appointment at 2:30 and did not have to go back to work. SO afterwards we stopped at the optometrist to drop off her glasses to have a new prescription put in and I tried on some glasses there. These are the ones I think I would like. I made an appointment to have my eyes checked - I know I need a new prescription. And they will probably try and talk me into bifocals. But I don't want bifocals - perhaps it is pure vanity, but I think I will put up wearing reading glasses separately for a while.

Tomorrow Ken should be back from MA to pick me up in the early afternoon and then we will head back down in time for him to set up for his show tomorrow night.

OH! I almost forgot - I EXERCISED tonight. Yes it's true I went out for a three mile walk. I don't think my heels can stand running anymore, but I did some speed walking. I feel pretty good and just may go out tomorrow morning. See what a little sunlight does for you?

Originally uploaded by Storm.

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