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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Made it home alive

Looong ride - mostly because it take an hour to get from Brigham and Women's to just past Alewife T. It's a good thing I don't live in Boston any more - I don't think I could stand it. We had no bad weather on the way home so that was nice.

I'll tell you, going over the border from MA to NH is one kind of relief but it is nothing compared to driving north from Walpole and seeing the Counecticut on your left with the moonlight streaming down on Vermont and knowing that in just a few minutes you'll be over the river and truly homeward bound.

They adjusted the old lady's shunt and we need to go back next Thursday at 10 a.m.! yikes. That's for the CT scan and then we will page the doctor when we're done - so who knows if it will be a fast or slow day. I am thinking slow.

The problem was that her shunt was still pulling too much fluid out of her venticles - which made room around her brain for fluid to pool and then begin to give pressure from the outside. So now they put the pressure way up so that it will press her brain back out toward the skull and force that fluid out. Hopefully. If that doesn't work I believe we are looking at some kind of additional surgery. Hopefully not.

While we were waiting this afternoon there was a man in the waiting room sitting alone. then his wife came out from her appointment crying - she has to have another surgery . She was probably late 50s and she came out and sat on his lap like a little girl. Poor thing - because you never know in there what people are there for - could be a tumor, could be NPH, who knows.

Oh well - we talked on the way home and the old lady is actually in pretty good spirits - I think that going and doing something has helped. AND the nuero nurse said not to worry about exercising or anything like that - so now she has permission to be a slug!

And now I have finished my beer and am gogin to go put my PJs on and wait for Ken. What a good guy! I wasn't even going to ask him to come over because I feel like the poor man doesn't get to spend enough time at his own place - but he just came right out and said he was coming over. So nice and sweet!

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