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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mattel and American Girl cuts support of Girl's Inc.

OK - I think it is time for everyone who thinks that a group with a mission "to help girls develop their self-esteem and self-reliance" is a group worthy of support to let Mattel and American Girl.

Girls Inc. formerly Girls Clubs of America has been working for 141 years to support and encourage girls.

Just because Girls Inc. also thinks girls should learn about birth control, and because they support a girl's right to control her own body AND (I think we are hitting on something here) because they think "Girls have the right to be themselves and to resist gender stereotypes" (yes, people I think they are talking about ... shhh ... lesbians) well the "conservative consumer base" has gotten their knickers in a twist. And somehow they have convinced Mattel and American Girl to drop their support of Girls Inc. according to this ABC report, Dolls Draw Conservatives' Ire. (Thanks to Norwegianity for the tip)

What's next Mattel? How about an American Girl that grows up to have 8 children and die in childbirth? How about an American Girl who is taught that her main role in life is to be a good wife and is married to a 60 year old when she is 15? How about an American Girl who keeps her mouth shut and "honors" her husband and is killed by him in a fit of jealousy after years of being beaten? There're some real American girl role models for you!

This really bites my ass - can no one stand up to these people? And why is their boycott so much more scary than say the boycott the supporters of Girls Inc. put on?

Well people let's tell them how we feel.
Here's a handy form at American Girl to tell them how you feel:

Here's some nice contact info for Mattel. I think they might like to get a call from you - or maybe a letter? Or dare I say - both?
Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012
310-252-2000 tel
310- 252-2180 fax

Update 7:16 p.m.
Here's something else I found while searching about this (I won't link as it is a bigoted site):
"Under pressure from parents, the "I can" bands were pulled from their main sales channel, the 1,700-store Bath & Body Works chain."

Maybe Bath and Body Works need a call - here's their web feedback form.

1 comment:

I'm Boer'd said...

Funny you brought this up...

As you know, my dear neighbors are Penticostal. They don't go for any of that gay rights or pro-choice business, but we love them anyway.

For Christmas, I bought all the girls an American Girl outfit for their dolls (yes, they all have an American Girl doll). I could have probably bought clothes for the actual kids cheaper than what I paid for these doll clothes!

Anyway... Carl and I were watching the CBS 6pm news the other night, and they had a special segment about American Girl and how the right wing evangelicals are boycotting them due to the Girls, Inc issue. And Carl looks at me and says "Guess you're going to have to do some last minute Christmas shopping for the kids, because those doll clothes might as well be tossed in the trash"