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Thursday, December 15, 2005


If there is one thing I have learned with the whole doctor-hospital thing, it is patience. I gave us plenty of time to get down here to B&W. We were slightly late to the CT scan as the traffic in town is crazy - what's going on here? - and then they didn't take the old lady in for the scan for over an hour and a half.

We are done now and just waiting for the results to come up to the Neuro nurse to read. It is nice that they have internet access here in the waiting room - gives ME something to do. On the down side they have really sucky magazines - so the old lady is bored. I did run and get her a couple of pieces of pizza as she was starving! Actually, starving is good as her appetite has been bad the past few weeks.

Nicely this is not a "clinic" day so we aren't overloaded with other people here in the waiting room. Sometimes it's insane in here - seems like everyone likes to bring more than one family member along. I guess brain stuff is scarier to people than other problems.

Well - going to check my email now and then amuse the old lady. She is being very very good today considering that she doesn't feel so hot.

4:10 pm update - Nuero nurse just came out and yes indeed the old lady's pressure is up - in fact there's fluid around her brain. Oh goody. So she has to adjust the shunt but is waiting for the nuerosurgeon to tell her how much. So see! I should have listened to my sister days ago about calling for another appointment! But seriously it is hard to tell when you should insist and when to let it ride. Oh well - we are here now and I only hope we get done and on our way before the snow/sleet starts.

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Chrissie said...

It is good that you have learned patience, that is a lesson many people long to find and never too. I wish you luck with all the health issues.