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Thursday, December 22, 2005

What the Hell is that Stuff?

When I first started this blog I conceived of it as a Knit Blog with a little of my life etc thrown in. Well as you can tell it is mostly my life and subjects that get me all riled up with a little teensy weensy bit of knitting thrown in. Mostly because I never seem to finish anything I knit.

So here you go. These are pulse warmers I started and basically finished long long ago. They are made of some unknown acrylic that I had left over from a monster of a lace throw I made when my friend Maureen had her first child lo these 16 years ago. It was a monster because my gauge was way off - but I just went on ahead and it turned out HUGE and in retrospect nothing that you would put an infant near as her little fingers would get all wound up in the laciness of the thing and she would probably lose some digits from tourniquet action before you could get her out of it.

ANYWAY, I had this stuff left over and used I think a pattern from Interweave Knits. The things were really finished and all I needed to do is a 3 needle bind off on the second one. Which I did the other night and then decided they were too plain to give as a gift. So I got out some purple mohair that I had once knit half a sweater from (and which there is no use finishing now as I am not quite the same size as I used to be) and made some felted flowers. And then I put some lovely beads in the middle of them and sewed them to safety pins – just in case my friend thought they were to froofy. She could always use them as pins. In the end she was very impressed with them (probably mostly that I had actually finished them). They were gifted on Wednesday and loved even if the flowers were still damp.

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