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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nothing kind of a day...

Well hatching eggs are ordered - 1 dozen Jaerhons for me and 1 dozen Black Sex Links for Spanky - We are starting our incubation project all over again. I hope we actually get something out of this so he can get his animal science badge for boy scouts.

Need to bleach out the incubator and get the egg turner set up - The other one had stopped working after a week or so and I got a replacement really quickly from the company I ordered from - I would recommend them to anyone their customer service over the web is excellent and they take care of problems so quickly.

What else is going on -? I wove in the ends on Cleaves and can get a picture tonight - I have not gotten more than one row into W - and I have no idea why - I don't know what the hell I do in the evening but before I know it - it is time for bed.

Anyway - so that is my nothing kind of a day.

Looking forward to the weekend in Mass and also looking forward to the FOUR DAY WEEKEND next weekend! I am going to get some serious sleeping done then.

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