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Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend Wrap up

Ken and I had a nice time In NY this weekend.

Took Friday off and headed out around 12:30. As usual it took me longer to get ready than I thought as I wait to the last minute to do everything. So between getting the chickens, the dog , the old lady and the eggs ready, writing notes for Karen so that she knew what to do with everyone and packing I just barely got it together.

Anyway we drove down and stopped in Bennington first - it was a beautiful day and we took our time. I was starving by the time we got there so we looked for a place to eat first . Right on Main Street we found the Madison Brewing Company. Unfortunately they don't seem to have a pulled together website - I found the frame of one online - but there isn't much there. Anyway I am not really an ale drinker - but I thought their sandwiches were excellent and the ambiance is good. I would certainly stop again. I had a French Dip Sandwich with real au jus and a horseradish sauce as well. And their home made potato chips were great. I would have bought one of their glasses if they had had one for their Crow Town Ale as I liked the picture - but sadly they didn't have one.

After lunch I went into The Naked Sheep yarn shop also on Main Street right across from the Brew Pub. Nice store - nothing too overwhelming though - I picked up some yarn to make the W Top from the newest Knitty in.

It is a bit lighter in weight I think than the yarn in the pattern but I am going to be a very good girl and swatch and wash before I start to make sure it comes out OK, especially since the top is knit side to side. Stopped in a coffee cafe after that to get a mug for the ride - although the place was cool I was a bit disappointed in my mocha latte - I couldn't taste any coffee in it - I guess I am getting too used to Mocha Joe's strong stuff.

So we continued on and although it got a bit cloudy it never rained like it was predicted to. Friday night I went with Maureen to Debbie P's house for "ladies night" a group of 6 women from the neighborhood who get together once a month. An eye opening event - makes me glad that I don't have kids and that I live in Vermont now. Sometimes I feel like I have less and less in common with people down there. Got home from there about 2 a.m. and got to sleep with Ken in Bridget's single bed. Two nights in a row! Very comfy (ha).

Saturday we went to see Keely's soccer game - in the rain. Luckily she scored a goal and her team won. Sat night Maureen had a bunch of people over Chip and Kimberly, Leslie and Charlie, Sue and John, Mike and Debbie, and Eileen, and Frank, as well as assorted numerous children. A good time was had by all although I was very tired from the late night the night before and having to sleep balanced on my side on the edge of the bed.

Sunday - Maureen was up early as Bridget had a talent show to get to. So Ken and I were up early too. Left NY around 9:30 I think. Had a little stop at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester - looking for Bitch Magazine but couldn't find it. So I bought the new Interweave Knits and "The Salmon of Doubt" by Douglas Adams.

Came home - napped , got up around 6 and knitted like a crazy person to get Cleaves done.

Finished about 11 p.m. - bound off , tried it on , and it fell down around my waist. Good thing I have a sense of humor. Thought I had compensated enough for the difference in yarn thickness - but apparently not. Anyway - I then called it a weekend and went to sleep.

OH! and I did also win the EBay auction for the pocketbook I wanted - am getting it for $23.49 plus $7.50 shipping - not too bad $30.99 total when I have seen it listed variously for $35 plus shipping and $49 plus shipping and even $65 plus shipping!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you didn't mention Neo's 4th place win at the goat show! I realize that it doesn't necessarily pertain to you, but such an important event in the life of your sister should not have gone unmentioned!

So there!

- your sister