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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain

Well it is raining again for the what ...14th day in a row? Something like that. Wait I exagerate - I think it was sunny on the morning of May 14th - so that is only 11 days.

So they are painting the walls in our building to spruce them up and what lovely color have they chosen? Well when the lights are off it looks just like the color of the rain clouds! and the lights are on you can see that they are actually a lovely grey-green - kind of like lizard skin.

And you know what I hate? - The people in the office who whisper long conversations to each other - so all you can hear is sssppps ppsssp sssppss - for hours. It drives me INSANE! PLease people - if you have secrets to tell each other go the fuck outside.

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