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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Crop Problems

Well - I decided this morning that since the chicken with the crop problem was not getting any better that I would slice into the crop and open it up. Called the vet and thank the goddesses he will do it - Not that I am squeamish but I get nervous about doing serious damage to an animal - so we are going at 5 pm today and that gives her a good day and a half for me to check on her before I go away for the weekend.

What worries me is that they mention that the crop gets stretched out and then has a tendency to back up again. Oh well - we'll see how it goes. I am interested to see what is in there that is making this problem. Also I am thinking that another of the chickens looks like her crop is a bit distended. Maybe I am just being hypersensitive now though.

If I have time after the vet I will be heading to Sunshine Acres Nursery for Maureen's open house with the chamber of Commerce. Too bad it is raining so much - but we do need it.

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