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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wednesday over and done with

Well, thank the gods and goddesses I got through Wednesday. I really feel like I am in the movie Groundhog Day at work lately. Every morning I wake up and think - it's a new day but then I get into work and it is the same exact day as yesterday - same problems same frustrations.

However I totally resisted my first impulse to go home and make margaritas as I realized ( very maturely) that this would just make Thursday that much worse.

So I had a couple of glasses of box wine and knitted for over two hours. Got three repeats of Branching Out done and did a swatch for Cleaves. Turns out my yarn is a bit bulkier than what was called for. I don't want to use a smaller needle though because I think it will come out too tight - so I will have to decide how many "sizes" to go down. But not today.

Ken came by after he did his laundry. We haven't had a laundry date in so long - I miss them and I promise to go on the next laundry day. He ate his roast beef sub from The Subway ( not Subway - "The Subway") in Springfield - with lots and lots of onions. As a matter of fact I noticed later that his ears smelled like onion - and the explanation was that he touched the sandwich and then put his fingers in his ears. ( Ha! I tell all don't I?)

Anyway, and then I got another 1 and 1/2 repeats done on the Clapotis which involved to more dropped stitches. Yeah!

And now it is Thursday and I am struggling through the day but I think this will be the end of Groundhog day and tomorrow will be that wonderful new day I have been waiting for. AND I am getting my hair cut and colored on Saturday and I cannot wait! So there is only joy ahead in the future.

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