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Thursday, April 07, 2005

You may think it's Thursday

But guess what - it's really Monday. Yes that's right, everything I did at work for the past three days I am now going to do again. So I am just pretending that it is Monday so I don't have a conniption fit.

On a happy note I got the front garden rakes last night so the time change has done something good for me. Poor Ken however is having terrible trouble sleeping. How well I know that feeling - around 4 a.m you are ready to let someone bonk over the head just so that you can stop obsessing about whatever it is that your mind is running around about.

If I have time this afternoon I will post a photo of my brand new digs here at work. People come by and say it looks just like the old digs, and it does look like I picked up my cubicle from one room and just plunked it down in a new room. Is that something to be proud of - yes I think it is.

Oh and hi poopy face - why don't you leave a comment when you stop by?

11:51 a.m. update - scratch the above - tomorrow is going to be like Monday - looks like I am not even going to be able to get to all the stuff I need to redo until then.

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