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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mama's got a brand new bag

Like my cool new bag? It's made out of recycled newspapers and only cost $4.95. What a bargain!

Also started Cleaves last night - what you see here is less than I actually knitted because after starting a new skein and getting an inch and a half into it I realized that the first few yards of the new skein was darker than the rest and that I now had a nice stripe around the sleeve. After much cursing and trying to decide what to do I went to sleep - it was after midnight anyway.

Got up early this morning and ripped that bad skein out and attached another one before I took this picture. I am going to save the bad skein for the bottom part of the cowl which will be hidden. Frustrating but it's done now so I can feel good about it. Also I could not get a good picture this morning of the true color of the yarn I had to lighten the picture considerably to get it near to the true color. It is actually a bit lighter even than it looks here. I think it is going to look great over jeans.

New knitting bag and Cleaves sleeve Posted by Hello

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pookiebuki said...

hi i was lurking around the coffeeshop in knitty and saw your wip cleaves at the cleaves KAL and i love the color! what color is it? :)