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Monday, April 11, 2005

You asked for it, you got it - a Bad Hair post

OK, so Ken thinks I should chronicle my hair today. I won't frighten you with a picture but here's the problem. I washed my hair yesterday evening after our longggggg trek up Mt. Ascutney (and no we didn't make it to the top) so of course this morning it looks funky. I attempted to fix it with a comb and water, with a brush and water - but it did not come up to my standards (HA).

So I decide to use some John Frieda Sheer Blonde hair wax - or what ever it is called - that I bought to use on my shorter hair style. So I put a little on it it didn't help much so I decide to put a whole bunch on and Oh my! Greasy head. I feel like the time I was maybe 6 years old and I took my father's Vitalis Liquid Hair Tonic (which by the way they still make!). My hair looked like it had been dipped in olive oil and my mother made me go to school with it that way because it was too late to rewash it before the bus came.

So there you go. - my hair may not look as bad as that time when I was six but I have the same feeling about it. I hate having greasy hair.

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