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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tuesday craziness

It started off as a pleasant morning, to say the least ;) but then dissolved into puke - Tulip puked 6 times and copious amounts too. The last one had big chunks of Greenie in it. I gave her that Greenie as a reward last Friday for being such a good girl getting her nails clipped. And I guess the other 5 pukes were all the meals she ate since Friday and that have not made it out of her stomach due to the Greenie blockage. well- no more Greenies, but she is certainly cleaned out now!

So needless to say I didn't get to work till after 9. and now I am having more problems here ! yikes .

Anyway - I finished the Branching Out scarf on Sunday morning - it is blocking and I am going to unpin it tonight to see how it looks. I gave it a good long time for blocking - over 48 hours as some people said that theirs still came out with that little pull up the middle at the start end. I also used a number 1 knitting needle across the end to keeps extra straight. I think it looks good - it should I figure I have at least 15 hours into it. Blocked it is 66 inches long and 7 inches wide.

I am also making progress on the Cleaves - I think it looks good and I am hoping I love it as much as I think I will - I may go back and buy the same yarn in the variegated red they had because I think that will look pretty cool. Although I should probably make sure the red will go with my other clothes.

The weekend was spent cleaning and organizing and making room for the guys to come in and do the replacement windows. And shopping on Sunday - got a great thermometer for the incubator, four little pillows for the cases that match my summer curtains, couple of new tops from Kohl's, a new Samsonite Wheeling duffle that converts to a back pack. It's a little less room that my old carry-on bag - but the poor old thing has just about had it and the zippers were going. I got the Sampsonite for $41 and the best I see it online for it $80! What a bargain!

So there's the weekend. I am going to get the eggs into the incubator this week. Should hopefully have 20 saved up by Thursday night. Spanky is coming over then and we will get things set up. One of the hens has got an impacted crop - although she is still eating OK. I tried the molasses cure - nothing moved. Last night I did the epsom salts and water - probably got a quarter cup into her before we ( she and I ) spilled it. So I mushed things around - turned her upside down and ... nothing. Not even any liquid. I could hear it all gurgling inside her but nothing would come out. Since she was getting madder and madder I gave up. This morning she was hopping around as normal but her crop still looks huge. I will give it another try tonight. I guess if I have to I can take her to Vinnie's and have him open her crop up - nothing that I want to do myself. I wonder what she has in there - piece of plastic bag? String? Who knows. Silly chickens.

Looking ahead Ken and I are going down to NY to Maureen's this coming weekend. Going to take Friday off and take our time going down. Need to get a card for Keely as it is her birthday May 5th - oh and one for Eileen too!

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