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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Benny's on a sunny afternoon

Today it is 66 degrees and with a gusty yet balmy wind. Just the afternoon to take a little ride before taking the car in for inspections. It was lovely!

I headed down the road towards Rockingham to get the car warmed up as it is the old lady's car and hasn't been out much - got her nice and warmed up before heading back to Benny's.

When I got there the old guy I usually get to do the inspection was busy, but as I know he is the "inspection" guy I waited - until a young kid asked if I needed help. I said why I was there and miracle of miracles he started to do it. I then foolishly began to hope that I would be out of there in a reasonable amount of time. But no- the old guy got done with what he was doing and took over. This is a problem because although the inspection only takes 10 minutes - the paper work for this guy takes anywhere from a half hour to 45 minutes and you better hope the phone doesn't ring while he's doing it - or you may be there an hour.

I have been going to Benny's for our car inspections for 3 years now (glutton for punishment, obviously) and in all that time this guy has not gotten any faster with the paper work. I have watched him copy over the VIN number at a pace that a snail would beat. And here in Vermont he has to copy it twice! Once on the paper work and one onto the back of the sticker.

The first time he inspected my car - he finally finished the paper work and slowly applied the sticker. And as I was about to jump in the car and drive away after handing him the money he said - "Wait let me get you a receipt." Oh god no! So now I am careful to pay with a check rather than cash so he doesn't feel the need to do the receipt.

Anyway - today was a perfect day to hang out at the garage because of the lovely weather - and I was already resigned to being there at least 45 minutes - so I didn't mind. Also it gave me a chance to observe the inner workings of Benny's - Benny ( and I know that's not his real name - I just like to think of the guy in charge as "Benny") often gets exasperated at his guys - and that is always good for a chuckle. You can tell he is thinking "why, oh why, have I been saddled with this bunch of dimwits!" And they look at him like confused puppy dogs while he yells. And then they go right back to doing what they were doing in the way they were doing it after he finishes. Poor cranky Benny!

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