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Monday, November 21, 2005

If it's not one thing it's another

Well- I took a urine sample for Tulip into the vet Friday as her pee has been smelling rather strongly. She has had a number of urinary tract infections over the last year or so and I had a feeling something not good was going on.
So the vet called Friday evening to say that the sample indicated the presence of cancer. They needed a second sample to send off to a lab ton Monday morning – so that is what I did first thing this morning

I also spent some time looking up canine cancer and came across a few sites – I have ordered K-9 Immunity supplement from Aloha Medicinals in Hawaii.

And from their site I found Cancer Herbal Treatments from Robert McDowell's Herbal Treatments in Australia .

I ordered their Bladder Cancer Support Treatment and also their Maritime Pine Bark Extract. George Peterson answered my order with questions about Tulip’s background and history and through a number of emails and a phone call (all the way from Australia!) suggested that I pay for UPS shipping to make sure the order gets here faster. He also suggested diet changes and some additions like flax seed and white millet for her old hips. I was very impressed and certainly hope that their products help.

I also found an article about Canine Cancer that suggested a special diet – higher in fat and low in carbs as cancer lives off carbs. So I just spent the last hour or so making up a batch to last (hopefully) 4 or 5 days.. Since we are just starting out I haven’t exactly figured out how much the old thing should get everyday – but I think we will start on the low side. With all the veggies in this mix she’s going to pooping like crazy!

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I'm Boer'd said...

Oh no! Poor Tootie! You know, it seems that dogs get cancer a lot! Niki had it... Jojo had it... and I suspect that with Keiba's history of benign mammary tumors (which they say can turn into malignancies) that she will eventually have it too. I'm going to check out that diet, and perhaps put Keiba on it.

Give Tulip a big hug and kiss (I know you won't want to give her the kiss since she's a poopy eater) from her auntie!