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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Welcome to the fans of Crabby patties and Crows

As my sister noted, Site Meter is a fun way to see who looks at your blog, when and how they got there - whether through a link from another site or by a search.

Funny enough the most hits on my blog come because of the picture I put up in this post - and that is because of the picture of the crabby pattie I put there. Funny enough if you search Google Images mine is one of only 2 images of the crabby pattie (with that spelling). And that is what gets me most of my legitimate blog traffic. I get hits from Japan, Indonesia, Gemany, Sweden, Canada, Brazil and any number of states all because of that picture. Oh! The power of Sponge Bob!

My second most popular hit is from the word "crow" with out without embellishments. Many people are looking for the counting rhyme that I have made the "Description" for my blog. Others are looking I assume for crow information - If so try this site about all corvids .

So once again - welcome to the Sponge Bob and Corvid fans of the world. Leave me a note if you stop by.

1 comment:

Karry said...

I searched you up when I was looking for "big gig" info. My brother went to that. Anyhow - I liked the poem, you seem down-to-earth and you live practically on top of my family in Putney - so when you post about local stuff I feel like I'm nearby. Neither my mother and brothers blog -

So - anyhow - long story to say I liked your site and check in once in a while. Helps me feel closer to family - weird huh?